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October 13, 2008


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From when I did it last time, Raquel, I it took more than one week to really niotce it. On Monday I lined up the things I wanted to use this week along the front of my pantry shelf at eye-level, so that they're there staring at me everytime I open the pantry door This week hasn't gone so well for us, meal planning wise! Hubby had a migraine one night whilst out, so didn't cook what I'd planned because didn't know if I'd need to stop what I was doing to go and pick him up, then tonight I ducked out and got stranded in hail storm so was going to miss gym if I cooked. I did manage to use up a tin of salmon and a tin of corn on monday night though, and pineapple and beetroot today for lunches. Might cook tomorrow afterall Has yourhubby been involved in trying to get rid of the pantry stuffs too, with his cooking??

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